Our Products

The Gelateria La Musa stands out first of all because of its genuine and high quality ingredients, that every day are carefully selected, in order to offer – maybe with a pinch of presumption – inimitable flavours.

The flavors we provide are about 60, 24 of which are daily displayed. Our flavors are divided into two sections: “creams” and “the best of fruit”, always fresh and in season. Just to give a few examples: apple and cinnamon, apple with honey, strawberry flower, peaches with wine, peach, fig, lemon, kiwi and banana, melon, water melon. While amongst our finest creams: 70% dark chocolate, gianduja (made both during the mixing and the variegation processes with cocoa and hazelnuts), rhum, orange, candied oranges and Gran Marnier.

Our top flavor, as well as our “manifesto” and sweet curiosity, is the Musa flavor, which also gives its name to our shop. It is called so, to evoke the sweetness and the desserts of grandma Maria Musa, our inspiration, our “muse”. This creation, with a few simple ingredients, such as ricotta cheese, cinnamon, sambuca and chocolate melt together, give a divine result, worth of a Muse. And it is not all. Other than gelato, each one with its unique flavor and taste, we also make fresh fruit Italian ice (granita) in the flavors of lemon,melon, water melon, strawberry, coffee with cream, tiramisù, panna cotta and semifreddo. Moreover, during Christmas time, our specialty is an exquisite panettone filled with zabaione semifreddo.