Our Philosophy

“Nature in a Gelato”

Password: “research of ingredients”, used in our original and exclusive recipes, together with the respect for the environment through machines created for water recovery via cooling process.

“Nature in a Gelato”: this is the sentence that in a few words best expresses our philosophy, basic element of our whole activity. Our principles are strict: natural and local high quality ingredients, always without preservatives and dyes, seasonal and always fresh ingredients only, absolute guarantee of top sanitation standards according to the HACCP regulations (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), use of the most modern and high tech machines, love and care during the whole gelato preparation process.

Result: a traditional and home made gelato shop (gelateria) that follows the ancient family recipes, which gives to us childhood memories and tries to give you the best gelato.

Our passion for high quality home made fresh gelato – possible thanks to several years of research and recipe development – are our main source of pride and happiness.