Artisan Gelato

Once there was grandma Maria Musa, there were scents coming from her kitchen and from her delicious cakes, an oasis of flavor, a tasteful shelter with simple ingredients, where the ordinary would become specialties by the extraordinary flavor. There was a recipe that only her was able to prepare, which she carefully selected any ingredient for. A crostata cake filled with ricotta cheese, garnished with cinnamon and sambuca, would meet thickly-cut chocolate drops. The result was a unique delicatessen by the unique taste. During the years, her sons and her grand daughter Chiara have learnt Maria Musa’s recipes, and have become passionate and caring traditional gelato makers, to the point  that they were able to consolidate their expertise and professional skills into a real business and passion.

It was, in fact, the recent 2007 when Gelateria La Musa – proudly named after grandma – opened their doors to the public in the historic center of Orvieto, Umbria, Italy. Even if this is a recent Gelato workshop, La Musa is a family-run business with an excellent and purely home made production.


Several generations of genuineness, together with passion for flavous and gelato, expertise, accuracy and courtesy towards their customers: these are all elements that stick together to provide a high quality product able to satisfy even the finest pallet, inside a familiar and welcoming environment. A modern and simple design shop also hosts a larger workshop and laboratory in its back, and during the warm season offers outdoor tables and chair, where customers can enjoy their gelato, while sitting on the wonderful Corso Cavour. Inside the refrigerated display case, right at the entrance of the shop, guests can admire many gelato flavour masterpieces.